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55. People-Pleasing IS a survival habit

For the month of April, we are looking at the survival habit of people-pleasing and what type of thriving habits we can replace it with.

This week's episode I talk about growing up in the church and how it was one of my first experiences with this survival habit.


This week's Journaling Questions:

Am I a people-pleaser?

What am I looking for from the other person when I agree with them?

How am I people-pleasing at home?

What does it feel like to people-please?

How do I feel about myself afterwards?

What is my main feeling around people-pleasing?

Where do I feel it in my body?

What does it look like?

Who triggers me to be in this survival mode?

What triggers me to be in this survival mode?

Remember, write it down don't over analyze or feel guilty about anything you write. It's just for you. No judgement, just kindness to yourself <3

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