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each week join in on conversations where we help each other

Navigate the craziness of life 

with more courage,

more kindness and less judgement. 


 none of us know what’s going on. 

Were all just a buncha big kids and we know that it’s better together. 

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kick that shit to the curb

Let's take a deeper look into who’s expectations we are holding ourselves to and how it’s showing up for our kids.

Finally, we are talking about how we can release that guilt so we can shift our expectations to something tangible and reliable.


Meghan Johnston is a BIG KID

This week we welcome our first BIG KID interview of the year. Join us as we talk about how we met, what made me fall in love with her and Meghan's BIG KID shoutout that you don't want to miss.


Meghan also shares her own experience with people-pleasing as an 8-year old. What happened and how she dealt with it.


Go listen to this episode and then go wish Meghan a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3


people-pleasing is a survival habit

For the month of April, we are looking at the survival habit of people-pleasing and what type of thriving habits we can replace it with.

This week's episode I talk about growing up in the church and how it was one of my first experiences with this survival habit.


Life Lessons courtesy of Chubbs & Olaf

Last week I looked at HOOK and the awesome life lessons that movie has taught me. BANGARANG!

Today we look at lessons taught by everyone's favourite snowman and a dude named Chubbs.


what it means to be a big kid

In this week's episode, we talk about our BIG KID values and the importance of taking this physical distancing time to get back to yourself and check in with your crews.


We also look at Dr. Carol Dweck's research on Fixed and Growth mindsets.

SPOILER: the time is now to work on growth


spring meditation

Let's take some time to stimulate our ears and imaginations.

Use this Spring Meditation to recenter yourself and your kiddos aged 6-10.


How to worry & How to help

With everything going on right now it can be hard NOT to worry. In today's episode of the podcast, we are talking about how to not get stuck in the worry and how to help other humans.


Stay safe and healthy out there in the world humans <3


IT's our birthday!

In today’s episode, we are celebrating big things. 1 year of the podcast and my 30' something birthday. 

We’re looking back at the past year at all the life lessons in both biz and life.

As an introvert, I’m not usually down with the spotlight, but with my birthday coming up this week I wanted to talk about how to receive compliments without feeling like an asshat!


Tearing walls down

This week we are coming back at FULL FORCE!

We are talking about the survival habits we create when it comes to our relationships. KDC shares her own thriving habits with you so you can start taking stalk of your own.


year of the word

Today KDC talks New Year's resolutions...but not really. 
For the past few years KDC has ditched the resolution and come up with a different plan altogether: choosing one word she would like to describe the upcoming year.
You'll hear what KDC's word for 2020 is, and we give you homework for how to find your own!


love languages

Let's talk about love languages and what they look like in your life, in your relationships, and how creating boundaries for yourself can help you to better express your own love language to others.


Holidays with the urkles

We all have those folks we have to see around the Holidays, those people that "urk" you. What if you were to change your mindset around the situation completely? Wouldn't those times be infinately more enjoyable? 
Today, KDC gives us tools for getting through the holidays, and she might just make things fun for you this year!


Mindful Tasks

"Mindfulness is the quality of being present and engaged with whatever we are doing at the moment"
Guys, KDC is on a mission: DOWN WITH MULTITASKING! She wants us to know that cultivating thriving habits means you need to pay attention to yourself and what you are doing in the moment. Today you'll recieve tools on how to apply these methods to whatever you're doing, whenever you're doing it.
It's time to feel harmonious!


Make. the. time.

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else"
Showing kindness towards yourself can be a key factor in actually using your feelings for a greater purpose. Are we blowing your mind yet?
Showing kindness to yourself means something different for everyone though, so today we talk about what small changes can do for your whole mindset. KDC explains how she started small and worked her way up to a healthier morning routine to change her attitude about what was in store for her day to come. 
We also look ahead to 2020 and give a sneak peek of what is in store for Big Kid in the coming year.


How will you show up?

"Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud." We are wrapping up this month's habit themes of Anxiety and Confidence on the podcast, so KDC asks us the question: How will you show up for yourself? Are you going to let those obnoxious insecurities get the best of your week, or will you give yourself the quiet space you need to grow?


Self-compassion and leggings

How does your anxiety manifest? Does it center around your physical appearance? KDC wants you to know that when it comes to your anxiety toolbox, learning self-compassion can be one of the hardest earned, and most rewarding tools. All that in today's pep talk.


self-assurance is your key

Do you listen to your insecurities enough that they hold you back? KDC is here to remind you that you embody greatness, and she is here to teach you how to remind yourself of that to combat the insecurities that are creating barriers in your life.


That creeping feeling

Today KDC talks about her experience at the Imperfect Bosses Camp and addresses the fact that sometimes despite how nurturing and welcoming an atmosphere can be, that feeling of anxiety will still creep in and tell you "you're not good enough". 


Befriending the Skeletons

We all have those skeletons in our closet, nobody is an exception to that. What if someone told you they were going to "air out your closet" and tell everyone your biggest secrets? Operating during our most fearful times can be the worst of times. So what do you do when you're scared? This week KDC explains how using fear as a catalyst to propel you forward can be helpful in your life.


combat fear with curiosity

Have you ever considered that having endless curiosity can actually be a life skill? When you want to know all the things you gain new perspectives and knowledge of the world. But, when you take a personal fear and tun it IN to curiosity, well then, my friend, you have yourself a new superpower.


Talkin' 'bout fear

In today's pep talk KDC dives into one of this month's feelings themes, fear. You'll get tips on ways to conquer day-to-day fears and, as always, KDC has a great metaphor story for us.


stand in your own glory

The people that surround you can often represent good OR bad parts of your life. Deciding what you want out of life and who you want at your side is a big part of finding courage within. KDC gives you tools for how to reach those decisions in this week's pep talk.


the inner critic

We all struggle with Imposter Syndrome at one time or another. This week, KDC gives you tips on how to overcome by trusting in your own values and showing-up for yourself by staying true to yourself.


be a mud hero

Are you stuck in the mud pit of overwhelm? This week, KDC gives three tips for ways to overcome these fears and focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.


look. listen

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. Here is your first pep talk for September and an intro to this month's themes of fear and courage. Notice where your fear comes from then give yourself a little room to cultivate courage.


We dare ya

This is week's super quick pep talk is all about the homework. KDC dares us to go beyond "thinking happy thoughts" and be mindful of the things that TRUELY make us joyful.


Trolls R us

Do your media streams bring you joy? For this week's pep talk KDC gives tips on how to curate the information you intake to lighten your mental load. She also talks about the difference between happiness and joy.


Be shameless

"We can't grow when we are in shame and we can't use shame to change ourselves in others"
-Brene Brown
KDC reminds us not to weaponize shame against others OR ourselves in this week's pep talk.


shame, shame, shame.

Your first pep talk for the month of August! KDC introduces to you to the feelings themes of Shame and Joy this month and gives you tips on tackling feelings of shame in your life this week.


J is for joy!

This week's pep talk is brought to you by the word "joy"! KDC reminds us to be in the present and not let the thoughts of our past and fear of the future affect whats happening in our present!


The Big 'H'

"Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness". Whether this applies to your job, or other parts of your life, you can conquer this week with dedication and gratitude for the things you're passionate about.


Let it be

Anxiety can creep in to the most unexpected places. It kills happiness and to causes us to focus on the negative. On this week's pep talk KDC gives pointers on how to redirect an overthinking brain and focus on positive and constructive areas.


Don't let idiots ruin your day

People don’t hurt your feelings . We just focus on what people say and focus on the negativity of the situation. We control our own feelings and how we respond when people say things to us. Today, on Just the Tips Tuesday, KDC gives us some tips on taking those situations in to our own hands.


Happy/SAd in a bottle

July is here! Today KDC introduces us to our July themes of Happy and Sadness, gives us tips for the week, and explains why being happy 100% of the time is unrealistic.


The ways of an empath

How do you practice empathy and also teach your kids to build up their own empathic muscles? KDC shares more of her own story on the actions she took to be an effective empath while protecting her own feelings. You'll also get lots of creative suggestions on ways to flex your empathy muscle.


Last Notes on Empathy

KDC wraps up June's themes and gives some lasting advice on practicing empathy.


From Regret to gratitude

This week we are talking about those two best friends Anxiety and Regret and how they will often work together as a harmful team. KDC offers advice on how to combat them, and turn regret in to feelings of gratitude. 


Nada regrets

In this week's Just the Tip Tuesday: KDC Reminds us to take the leap, whatever the leap is for you, with no regrets.


You are not alone.

Here is your Tuesday pick-me-up! KDC gives us some thoughts that remind us we are not alone, whatever we are handling this week.



On this Just the Tips Tuesday: KDC introduces us to June's feelings themes and gives us thought nuggets you can use this week.


so long, May

KDC wraps up this month's theme of self-love on this week's Tips Tuesday.


partners in Parallel

Partnerships are everywhere. Home, work, your love life. KDC talks about how to be a better partner in any situation and what small OR big changes need to be made to get there.


Treat yo' self

For this Tips Tuesday: KDC continues to share more of her superpower secrets when it comes to taking steps that will change your life for the better.


The art of vulnerability

On this episode of Tips Tuesday: KDC gives guidance towards living a more vulnerable life.


You're welcome

We are back with another hard-hitting, heavy weight episode talking about forgiving the seemingly unforgivable and how forgiveness can change other relationships in your life for the better.


Use your words

On this short Tips Tuesday, KDC talks vulnerability and openness. She also lets us in on all the fun things happening around the KDC in YYC website this month!



Things are getting heavy for this milestone of an Episode 10. Over on the podcast this week KDC talks about parent guilt, tells puberty stories and takes lots of deep breaths to dig in to the deep feels.


Feels So Good

Are you ready? This week we hunker down and get to the root of how to really feel some of those hardcore feelings. THEN we go even further to talk about making space for your kids to feel their own feelings too!


Henny, check yo' self

This week KDC talks about checking-in with yourself when it comes to blame and where it's being placed. We are also introduced to this month's feeling themes.


Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.

Time to liiive! KDC gives advice on how to stop living with a "could-haves" state-of-mind and start living in the now, and what happens when we do.


Connecting with Curiosity

KDC wraps up this month's focus on Curiosity and touches on our mantra that is "Kindess Drives Change".


This is Your Brain on Donuts

On this episode of Tips Tuesday, KDC talks about where blame can originate, how to combat it, and provides tips on how to shop for a therapist.


A Diabetic on Blame Island

Learning how to love yourself and let others love you too. KDC talks about her own personal journey when diagnosed with a life-altering disease.


Happiness is an Inside Job

In this week's episode of Tips Tuesday, KDC talks about deriving true happiness from within and how we can convey that outlook to the people around us.



Get ready for some raw talk! KDC sits down for her first kid interview with a couple of brothers to talk about Fortnite, farts and feelings.



Making new friends as an adult is hard! KDC talks about how she made some new friends after a big shift in priorities came about in her life.


Welcome to Big Kid

A look at what's to come. KDC talks about what Big Kid is all about and what we will talk about in this podcast.

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