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Mindfulness Expert 

& Tiny Habits Coach

Here is the secret for any change you seek: 

Kindness Drives Change

and when we pair that knowledge with mindful habits you'll create more time that is in alignment with your transformational energy


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What People are Saying

From the Blog

With my love of blogging starting in Jr High, I find it is my space where I write things that I always need to hear the most. 

Read on for your own love notes from me 

When Kristina first introduced Tiny Habits, I was skeptical. I have so many items on my to do list, I couldn’t imagine being able to fit another thing into brain, let alone onto my task list. But I decided to give Tiny Habits a try.

I plugged in my Tiny Habit into the formula and started that night. 

It’s been less than two weeks, and I already have 12,000 words written for my book. Tiny Habits lead to big results.

- Allissa, Copywriter  CEO

 Between group coaching calls, journal jams, and 1-1 sessions, KDC has helped not only my business but me on a personal level as well.


She has perfected the balance between coach, teacher, and mentor, while always working with your progress towards your goals.


With Kdc's guidance & support, I was able to mindfully move through a massive career change without losing confidence in myself & my choices.

- Jamie, Communications & Marketing CEO


KDC brought Tiny Habits to our classroom that had impactful changes in the culture of our class. 

Together we are able to celebrate and create new habits for how we interact, play, and complete our work. 

I have shared KDC's knowledge with other teachers in my school and the habits of our school continue to grow and flourish. Both students and teachers are now completing the small things that used to be a battle. 

- Jennifer, Educator 

Just through the 5-day challenge, I've made a giant leap away from laziness, fear, recalcitrance, and brattiness.


With KDC's help, the program opened some new avenues and new energies for me.

KDC helped me a great deal to overcome one of my biggest habit struggles and my inner critic. It is empowering to be able to feel successful quickly and easily.

- John, Retired  CEO

Ready for more time?


Ready for a new way to set goals and stay accountable to yourself? 

Choose your own adventure with different courses and challenges.


Kids & Family Yoga with KDC

Classes are currently on pause

as we welcome our 

own little one. 

Watch for classes coming 2024


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As your host I'll lead conversations that will get us to look at the clues that are feelings are leaving us. 

Let's talk about how we can show more kindness to ourselves, our businesses and our crews. 

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