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Let's see what happens when we do the work.

Download any of the free guides below. 

All the Emotional Investigation questions are the ones that have brought me my biggest AH-HA moments. Listen to the podcast for even deeper work. 

My notes to self are things I say to myself as I brush my teeth. They are words I write in my journal and on post-it notes. They are helpful reminders that I turn to when I'm feeling stuck in a rut. 

Listen to a meditation episode of the podcast to find a bit of calm in your day. 




No more gritting your teeth or wishing you could hide and scream in a closet

or join in on their meltdown!


Learn how to quickly self-manage while your kid is experiencing their big feelings

Feelings Blueprints

Ever feel stuck deep in a feeling? Use the first blueprint as your guide to help find your footing. 

Start to find the power of your feelings use the second blueprint to choose your feelings on purpose.

Gratitude Challenge

Are you wanting to flex your gratitude muscle? 

Join in this easy challege as we look for gratitude in some unexpected places. 

Once a week for 1 month you'll receive your challenge with a helpful worksheet and prompts!

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