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How-to calmly talk to your kids about their BIG FEELINGS 

No more gritting your teeth or wishing you could hide and scream in a closet

or join in on their meltdown!


Learn how to quickly self-manage while your kid is experiencing their big feelings

Download your free kit and 

start using these tools today 

• Quickly guide your kiddo through their big feelings using The Big Feelings Blueprint

•  Ask these questions during emotion investigating

• Use the I feel wheel​ to help build your emotion vocab in a way they will understand

• Find your parent/caregiver self-caring rhythm you can implement in minutes when shit hits the fan so you can quickly self-manage during a meltdown

suitable for kids ages 5+ 

When you combine

the Big Feelings Blueprint with the

parent self-caring rhythm

you will be able to go

from meltdown to mindfulness in

just a few easy steps 

Join me for a free live webinar

Thursday, September 10

8 pm MST

Listen to episodes of the BIG KID POD for more

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