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what we will cover

Make your plan

Holiday List, Social Media, Q1 of 2022

Have your steps

Know when and what you will do knowing you've already planned

Breaking up with our time thief

Shifting mindsets and creating new habits


Here's the thing, the past 2 years have taught us what is really possible. And what life will look like if nothing changes. 

This planning party is here to best support the goals you set for yourself at the start of 2021. 

Invest in yourself? Nurture your relationships? Tend to my business

The time and space are set, you just have to RSVP and show up! Join me as we talk deadlines, systems and actionable steps. 

This isn't your regular party

This party is for you if

You are ready for the next phase

of your business and know you

don't want to do it alone

You want to learn how to set up your own

self-caring rhythm to avoid burn-out and overwhelm

You want to set an actual time

to finally plan that project

Want to be with likeminded humans 

to level up to your next phase

a personal invite

I've been setting up planning systems for decades and I'm excited to let you in on all my secrets! 

This planning party is going to give you the confidence to move forward with your plan. Together you will insert your kind energy outputs in places that make the most sense and you will leave the 6 weeks trusting yourself and your plan. 

Cheering you on as always, 

kristina aka kdc

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