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I never knew what Tiny was until I was introduced to Tiny Habits. My goals were always so lofty I would get frustrated and overwhelmed when my habits and goals didn't match my results. Slowly as I started using Tiny Habits in my daily life I started to create momentum and see how this new skill could also work with my mindset. 

Tiny Habits has been the way to connect my clients with true Mindfulness. They've been able to make more time, to launch successful businesses and courses and reach their goals.


What do we all have in common? The desire and drive to show up even when scared.

To learn, to grow, to expand. 

BJ Fogg, PhD

Creator of the Tiny Habits Method

BJ Fogg runs the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford. He invested over 20 years researching and teaching insights about human behaviour.


On the industry side, BJ Fogg trains Fortune 500 companies, with a special focus on health, productivity, and financial wellbeing.


His early research on Persuasive Technology has informed the design of products that millions love and use (like Instagram, which my student co-founded).

Now, BJ Fogg is taking everything I know about behaviour change—including his experience personally coaching 60,000 people—and sharing it all in his new book: Tiny Habits.


Ready for more time?

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