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Sinfield knows best

I grew up watching Sinfield with my older brother and cousins. Even though didn't fully get what was going on I knew that I liked how much the show made people laugh.

Years later I would find myself so curious about people and their stories and I found myself again turning to Sinfield. I would binge Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Facebook and I would purchase streaming services just so I could keep on watching.

Sinfield is simple and that is how I like things. And now as a coach I find myself coming back to wisdom learned from Jerry time and time again.

To stay out of a funk I find myself coming back to these Sinfield simple truths.

  1. Change your shirt

  2. 2 minute rule

  3. Say NO


Change your SHIRT

WFH (work from home) has been something we've all gotten really good at.

Think of your clothes holding and bringing in energy.

To work in the same clothes that we rest in can be so easy, but changing your shirt can easily change your mood. So pop on some deodorant and some fresh threads. Even if you're not leaving the house doesn't mean you can't dress nicely for yourself.

2 Minute Rule

If it can be done in 2 DO IT!

There are so many times where I'll look at something and think "I'll get to that later." But then that task will get left behind or forgotten completely. Then cue the guilt! Those small piles get bigger and more annoying to deal with later on. So if it can be done in 2 minutes now I'll just do it then, even if it's on a different list, if I see it and it can be done in 2 - get right to it.

Say NO to things that don't align

Imagine all of the things Jerry Sinfield gets asked to do. Charity events, comedy gigs, car things, coffee things. And guess what - he says no to A LOT.

Not because he doesn't have a heart but because it doesn't align with his overall vision. And he respects his time. Knowing that he can only spend so much brain power on so much he will choose what fits in with his vision, with his goals, with his dream. It's nice to know that even with all of his success that he still has a dream, that he still wants to do what he does best and to spend time where it makes the most sense.

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