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I've had enough

How often do you say "I don't have enough...."

This was something I would say and or think

more than once a day!

I wanted more in my life but I was always counting myself out before

even trying because I believed

that I didn't have enough

time, funds, knowledge.

Anyone else?

I was getting irritated, pissed off, angry

with the world for giving me this version of my life.

And I started looking at all of my "not enoughness" more closely.

I started tracking my time, my funds, my knowledge.

How I was using it, how I was celebrating it, how I was sharing it.

And I was bummed with what I found.

I was spending time like it was nothing.

Doing a lot of binging, a lot of lying down, a lot of looking at my phone.

I was spending a lot of my funds towards things and things only.

Shopping for nothing I need, driving the long way just to get snacks,

again binging.

I was spending my knowledge in the wrong spaces.

I'd cut people off in conversation juuuust to prove my point.

All of these actions were keeping me far far away

from who I wanted to be.

I needed more kind energy outputs.

So I recommitted to really valuing my time, money and brain.

I started nurturing, I started paying attention, I started planning with purpose.

And I started making more time.

I started making more money.

People started asking ME to show up and share my knowledge.

Sure, I still slip up - that's the human part of our experience.

Starting again is an option you get

So I've had enough with the

not enoughness and I hope that you will join me too

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