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EASY hack for planning a great 2022

New year, who dis?

We are still weeks away but as I sit and look at my journals and agendas from the past year I'm proud of the momentum I've created, the confidence I'm able to sit in and the ideas that are still on their way.

It's funny because I've always struggled with setting goals and then reaching them! It always felt like a lofty thing that was too far away but my determination for something more was stronger than my fear and I started like with most things with a kind check in.

Maybe your goals were like mine. They were too vague. Too filled with the shame and guilt for still not getting it done. My goals and my plans were filled with expectations from others instead of my own and I thought that if it wasn't perfect it wasn't worth it.

So why the hell do we set goals in the first place? They give us something to work towards, they help build our growth mindset, they help us learn from failures, they help us ask for help.

Knowing this I knew I had to make it easy. So here we go setting up goals for the new year.

Take it from me, make ‘em easy to make em real.

E - energy - What energy is required for this goal?

A - align - How does this goal fit into the vision of my life?

S - support - Where and who can I ask for help? What does support look like for me during this part? Maybe a friend, maybe a coach?

Y - yes! make sure it is all an f yes. Remember that even though you won't be excited about every party - know it's required to get to the fun stuff. If it's not a F YES then it's a HELL NO

Want to take your EASY goals and put them into action? Join the 2022 Journal Jam as we make our action plans infused with kind energy blocks to make it easy, fun and doable.

Now take your EASY goal my friends and create amazing things for yourself.

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