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aka kdc


Kindness Drives Change


Mindful Relationship Coach, Keynote Speaker

and Yoga Instructor 

Teaching you easy to learn habits and practices to let you bring more kindness to yourself, your past, and your future to accelerate the change you desire and can't even dream of

KDC has been working with multi-passionate humans for over a decade guiding them as they find their voices and clarity in the next phase of their lives. 

Using Tarot in her teachings KDC is able to tap into our intuition and reveal messages our hearts need to hear but our time thief beliefs keep dim. 

If you've been wanting to bring more kindness into your planning and getting more shit done than KDC is the coach in your corner. 

Working with kids for over a decade I've found the value and importance of teaching them Social and Emotional Learning. I've been able to create curriculum for programs to help build and practice these skills. 

These days I am coaching humans my mindfulness tools to create space for the life they are proud of and excited to live. 

Find me teaching YOGAPL3Y for kids ages 3-12

Speaking on stages about Mindful Change and inside the KDC Classroom 

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