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Teaching you easy to learn habits and practices to let you bring more kindness to yourself, your past, and your future to accelerate the change you desire and can't even dream of

Ready for a new way to set goals and stay accountable to yourself? 

Your Mindful Relationship Coach helping humans learn the mindful way to get more done, make more time and get unstuck

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With my love of blogging starting in Jr High I find it is my space where I write things that I always need to hear the most. 

Read on for your own love notes from me 

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As your host I'll lead conversations that will get us to look at the clues that are feelings are leaving us. 

Let's build our Emotional Vocabulary and find more kind energy outputs. 

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Speaking in Clubs every week including sharing tips not shared anywhere else.

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Kindness Drives Change Club


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Happy Family

KDC helped me and my family go from meltdown to mindfulness. 

Using her easy tools my toddler, teenager and husband were all on board! She taught us as a family how to create and live in our values and we are forever grateful. 


Between group coaching calls, journal jams, and 1-1 sessions, kdc has helped not only my business, but me on a personal level as well. She has perfected the balance between coach, teacher, and mentor, while always working with you progress towards your goals. With kdc's guidance & support, I was able to mindfully move through a massive career change without losing confidence in myself & my choices

Children in Yoga Class

"kdc is so much fun! She has helped me learn how to listen to my body and how to use my breath to calm myself down."

"I love how excited kdc always is to see my kids! And the best part is, they are just as excited to see her! I know my kids are in great hands when they are with her."

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